An Indictment of Christianity

March 1st, 2018. T: I gotta say it though I really expected a lot more theology from this place. I was really hoping to get into some hardcore bible study. I guess IRC just aint what it used to be. V: its not exactly a print ready vending machine for blogosphere…. its a debate channel […]

Priests and Kings

Our latest article “Priests and Kings” is now live! It asks the fundamental questions: Why does Jesus need to be a priest? Why not just “King”? What issues does this cause, and how do the Christians ultimately undermine the reason why Jesus needed to be a Priest by claiming — in Hebrews 7 — that […]

Veils and Scales

Just putting the finishing touches on our latest wiki article, “Veils and Scales“! It’s a piece regarding the Christian claim of spiritual blindness of the Jews, which is often extended towards Gentiles as well. Special thanks to Rabbi Tovia Singer whose video “Are the Jews blind? Is there a veil over our hearts?” was used […]

Welcome to our Noachide Website!

We have two ways into the site; and The purpose of this site is to become an information resource for everyone — not just Noachides! We try and present a very fair and balanced approach to the information on this site; it is our goal to fairly and accurately present issues of polemical […]