Welcome to our Noachide Website!

We have two ways into the site; noachide.ca and noachide.org. The purpose of this site is to become an information resource for everyone — not just Noachides!

We try and present a very fair and balanced approach to the information on this site; it is our goal to fairly and accurately present issues of polemical value and try to resolve them by examining the claims and the doctrines of many different faiths. In laymans terms this means we’re here to talk about Noachides! You can ask us anything.

What’s a Noachide? Why is this important?

We’re here to talk about bne’i Noach, that is, Noachides, what they are, what it means to be a Noachide, and so forth. You may wish to visit [[Who We Are]][[Why Noachide]], or the [[Noachide FAQ]] for more information and discussion about Noachides.

We hope that this approach will allow the information here to be used by people of all faiths, both as a guide, and as an information resource to interest people and encourage further study of God’s word.

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