Yes or No?

Are simple, easily digestible yes-or-no articles and definition/exposition articles a more powerful tool than discussion articles? The wiki section of this site has slowly changed focus. Although I would still like to, and will still (over time) essentially index the Q&A from channels like Tenak Talk for easy reference, the focus has shifted more towards […]

Veritas Deleted

Banshee suddenly deleted Veritas server about a month ago. This made me upset so I took a vacation for a while. I’m back now, and things are moving very fast on my end, I don’t have much time but I will try to stay active on Discord for a while and write/edit some more articles […]

The Pure Religion Channel

It looks like we will be able to operate out of the Veritas Server Discord channel “Pure Religion”. Veritas is Discord: Youtube: Event Times I will mainly be active around 10am and 10pm EST, with event announcements posted her and/or in the text channel associated with the voice channel. Bible Study Event — […]