Yes or No?

Are simple, easily digestible yes-or-no articles and definition/exposition articles a more powerful tool than discussion articles? The wiki section of this site has slowly changed focus. Although I would still like to, and will still (over time) essentially index the Q&A from channels like Tenak Talk for easy reference, the focus has shifted more towards […]

Why the KJV?

I had a conversation with a Rabbi a while back on the source text for the NSV. He advised me not to use the KJV. I actually agreed with him, it would be better and easier not to use the KJV as a source. However, I wanted to retain the feeling of the KJV as […]

Rashi is in!

The Public Domain Rashi commentary “Sefaria Community Edition” has now been added; from this point forward it will be known as the “NSV” edition. This is because we may make changes to the commentary based on other (Public Domain) versions of Rashi, or to modify the language to comport with our translation (since many passages […]