NSV Phase 3 (Part 2)

I’m going to take a bit of a break from discord, per-se, and resume work on the site. In particular I will resume work on the NSV bible, phase 3.

In general phase 3 needs to be wrapped up so I can start on Phase 4 which will be new testament commentary. In general this represents the complete text of the KJV added for the rest of the Hebrew and Christian scriptures and then the addition of a PD Rashi commentary (such as Sefaria Community Edition as discussed previously).

During this time I still want to do a full once-over to shift the text away from the KJV/ASV and towards Rashi’s. Actually I might try using a different version of the bible — well, not that it matters much since I will be using a comparison approach as before. This will take a long time because copying and formatting Rashi into a general framework is very difficult. I’ve decided to keep some HTML formatting for bolding the titles of the comment — this part is difficult — because the end goal would really be to keep this entire thing in a database but for practical purposes the database would actually probably be a derivation of a WYSIWYG or nearly-so document (ex. HTML copy). This will allow us to use paragraph formatting for a print copy in columns and it won’t look terrible. I’d really like a nicely formatted copy with section headings.

Once Rashi is added we will enter Phase 4. We can do a visual once over anytime because it’s a general case. However during phase 4, we can analyze and correct specific passages based on their cross-reference or importance compared to counter-missionary work.

Phase 4

Looking ahead to phase 4, then, we see a massive task — we will start with some series such as R. Skobac’s cross-examination of the NT, but then extend to a full extension of the entire body of information available online in the form of a commentary.

Nothing like this has ever been conceived as possible, but we’re going to do it. This is going to take a long time.

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