An Indictment of Christianity

March 1st, 2018.

T: I gotta say it though I really expected a lot more theology from this place. I was really hoping to get into some hardcore bible study. I guess IRC just aint what it used to be.
V: its not exactly a print ready vending machine for blogosphere…. its a debate channel what you get out is going to reflect what you put in
T: Every single debate I have ever had here is basically me quoting scripture and then being told I don’t understand scripture or that I am ignorant.
T: You know what I do right.. I turn my discussions here into articles for my blog
T: Lately all I can write in response to questions I get from readers is that I cannot give them the christian position because I am an ignoramus.
T: I think we are really about to experience a new wave, and Christian apologists — you know, people like ham & hodge, dr. michael brown
T: they have no idea how to deal with it
B: t. Well they got it right you are ignoramus. But no worries so are most people.
T: B., Have you ever heard of William Lane Craig?
B: T. Sorry no.
T: So, William Lane Craig is one of the top apologists in America, and you don’t even know he exists.
V: maybe you can blog about how you are frustrated that irc channels are not generating the content you desire for your blog.
D: T, if that is the sort of thing youre interested in, i can see how youre disappointed with this channel. i might be interested in what that man has to say, but ‘is it the same Jesus?’ i think it could have been answered with explaination within a much shorter amount of time. i’m not interested in spending 40 minutes to listen to this

A Good Idea

B and T are just examples of the problem, but V had an excellent idea.

It’s true, I’m frustrated with that channel. I’d give it a 3 out of 10 for value in terms of getting a rational debate going. It’s just unlikely. People with differing opinions tend to get banned.

So here it is. Here’s my general indictment of Christianity as I’ve experienced it on that Channel and in general, talking to a pastor here and a missionary there. I’m sorry if it’s not pretty but it’s what I have come to understand. You see, this was a very slow fall for me. I’ve been careful. So looking back, I am very confident in what I say here. It may be uncomfortable, but this is not just an idle doodle on a notepad. This is the general impression result of everything I’ve seen in my entire life up to this point.

An Indictment of Christianity.

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  1. Christianity is a heretical innovation. It has a new name, a new holy book written in a new language and a new theology.

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