A Response to AronRa

Hi fans, long time no chat. I’ve started a page to respond to AronRa’s videos on Youtube.

I call it “A Response to AronRa“. However, I’m already disappointed. I took a look at two of AronRa’s 12 year old videos on “fundamental falsehoods of creationism”, and I was stunned by the level of discourse — it was basically a zero on a scale of 1 to 10. I found it difficult to take him seriously after watching those two videos. I’m going to pick a few more of his recent videos instead, and see if he can construct a valid argument in those. But as for right now I think I should have started with DarkMatter2525. His videos seem a little easier to deal with (they make more interesting/classic points). I admit it, I was taken in with AronRa’s charm and demeanour and his apparent attempt to present a credible logical argument (apparently by wearing a suit). Will his recent videos do a better job than his 12 year old videos? We shall see!

Don’t forget to tell us in the comments who you would like us to debate or respond to next!

A Response to AronRa

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