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Who We Are

This website is maintained by the bne'i Noach international, Noachide International, which is a fancy way of saying that we are the group of Noachides. As a Noachide, you belong to this group, so you are one of us – even if you are a Jew, Christian or Muslim. And, for those who do not identify with any other faith, we feel that the commandment to organize under the banner of Noachide is important.

Here are some videos which will help you to understand what Noachides are and why someone might adhere to being a Noachide:

Who we are as Noachides

Specifically we are a group of people (which may include yourself) who are the descendants of Noah. More importantly we exist as part of a Noachide organization, which is one of our obligations as Noachides.

Who we are (

We are an organization of Noachides who have come together in order to fulfill the 7th Noachide Law: “To Establish courts of Justice” as given in Genesis 9:6 “Whoever sheds the blood of man, among man, his blood shall be shed…”. Thus, there must be some method for enforcing this justice “among men”, which would normally require a sort of court system or system of judgement and punishment.

Examples of this being played out in the Bible include the story of Shechem, Dinah, and the sons of Jacob. In Genesis 34:2 it states “Shechem … saw her; he took her, and he lay with her, and violated her.” His “taking” her against her will was a form of kidnapping, which was forbidden to all humans (Noachides) as a type of theft. Since the men of Shechem's city did not convene a court of justice and convict him for his crimes, they failed to obey this commandment and also collectively became accomplices to his crime. Jacob's sons therefore formed a court, convicted them, and executed them.

What we do

The story of the sons of Jacob in Genesis 34 says a lot about who we are and what we do. We are not here to try and replace an existing justice system, since in our modern day world such a system has already been created. However, this system does not place faith in God first and foremost among it's duties – for example it is not a crime to break the prohibition against idolatry. Therefore in following the Noachide law “To establish courts of justice,” it is our duty to educate people who come to us about being a Noachide and about the Noachide laws. In terms of enforcement, we expect you to at least enforce the laws on yourself; for example you would be required not to eat in restaurants which display idols.

What we do here is thus very simple;

  • We exist as an international organization of Noachides which you may feel free to join,
  • In order to fulfill your obligation to establish a Noachide court of justice
  • and to educate people about what it means to be a Noachide and how to live as a good Noachide.

Finally, you may be wondering Why Noachide. Why be a Noachide? Why believe in all this junk? If “Why Noachide” is not helpful, you may also want to take a look at the Noachide FAQ.

How do I fulfill the 7th law?

You need to create (establish) or join/support any Noachide-based effort to teach and enforce the seven laws. This means supporting your local and federal law enforcement on all local laws; give them leeway in matters where they require it to enforce the laws; no murder, no stealing, and so forth. Thus all Noachides must respect and trust their legal system – unless it is oppressive and does not enforce these laws but break them.

You should also join and support *some* sort of Noachide organization which has the goal of spreading the Noachide laws and engages in tikkn olam (healing the world) – because that is what we are about as Noachides.

We suggest you join us because no other such organization exists. With that in mind, should some other organization exist we certainly expect you should join it; support it if it's good, and in general act to support your fellow noachides in such matters.

How to I join?

As mentioned above you don't have to join us in particular. You can keep the 7th law in other ways (see Seven Laws of Noah and The Seventh Law).

But if you wish to support us by joining our organization, we follow a simple principle of representation by taxation. We agree to represent you and act to “establish courts of Justice” in your name. Any amount of money over some bare minimum will entitle you to lifetime membership in our organization. Let's say that this minimum amount of money would be only a little more than to buy a burger and fries at a major fast food restaurant. This means you are sending some tangible amount of support to us, and we acknowledge that, and can be seriously expected to use that money in order to do something good for the world. If you just sent us five cents or a couple of dollars it would not be reasonable to assume we could do anything worthwhile with that money.

So for example, according to Expatisan, in 2018 the price of a Combo meal in a fast food restaurant (Big Mac Meal or similar) in Rochester, New York is $7. We therefore think somewhere between $10 US and $10 Canadian is a reasonable amount of money for you to send to us in order for us to go and in turn help someone in your name or otherwise teach or represent the Noachide laws. What's the worst we could do, is buy someone homeless something to eat and talk to them for a while.

To join, please send a self-addressed envelope and a $10 US check or money order to:

  Noachides c/o Hu, Yi-Su
  No. 66, 106 Lane, Ming-Dru Rd.
  Hsinying, Tainan
  Taiwan 730

Equivalent amounts are, say, 8 Euros, 12 Canadian Dollars, 60 Chinese Yuan, or 35 Israeli Shekels. I'd prefer if you specify US dollars if you can, but if not it's not that big of a deal. Of course if you send more, we will thank you, kindly! But it's really not that necessary. This is a labor of love more than anything else.

note: This address will probably change sometime in 2018, it is our temporary address.

If you're concerned your membership fee won't get here for some reason or if you have any questions about how we will use your membership fee you can contact me directly via e-mail at hys on fastmail, Taiwan (tw). Or just leave a comment here or on the blog and we'll get in touch with you within a couple of days.

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