Noachide Bible Study Lesson 2: Days Two through Six

Lesson 2 is now available! Please see for the second part of Genesis 1. The topic is the creation story in Genesis 1, days two through six.

I’m still experimenting with how to format these lessons. Next lesson we will probably drop the NRSV and ESV translations and try the NIV to see how it fits in with the other three.

In the end I plan to move to completely public domain translations.

If you have quick eyes and ears you may realize there’s a special project being brewed over.. which should be quite interesting, and these lessons lay the foundation of how it will proceed. I’ll speak of this more later, but you are seeing the foundation work being constructed now, although it has not been precisely explained what it is this is all for (other than being a Noachide Bible Study).

God Bless, Good luck, and please leave your comments if you have any ideas for us to improve the lesson! thanks.

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