A Public Domain Rashi

As it turns out, the Rashi on sefaria.org is public domain.  According to their blog post “Rashi in English“, Sefaria is very fortunate to receive pro bono counsel from Simpson Thacher and our amazing intellectual property attorneys were able to help us in our effort to determine the status of the Silbermann Rashi’s copyright. Since the translations were published in the […]

Phase 3 Woes

I didn’t get as far as Genesis 4 before encountering some thorny issues with rewording the Bible before doing a theological pass, but once I hit Genesis 6 it became obvious that something was wrong with the process. Allow me to illustrate; the problem verse for today is Genesis 6:4. Genesis 6:4 There were giants […]

The NSV Process

The previous phase system was very difficult to implement and track. What would happen is that the individual steps would merge together into a sort of first, second, third pass, which really was the same thing. I’m going to revise this all based on how it actually worked out during the edit for Genesis. Phase […]

NSV New Phase System

I’m going to move away from the original ‘phase’ idea into a more streamlined workflow. Here is the general idea; Phase 1: The KJV (see below) is copied into the project and reformatted to match our standard. Appparently this alone lets us claim Copyright (See: AKJV vs KJV). Phase 2: A quick modernization phase where […]

Presenting the NSV Bible

Now presenting, the NSV. Forget, for a moment, what that might stand for; originally I had thought to call it the NSB (Noachide Study Bible) and then later other ideas such as NSV (Noachide Study Version) came to mind. I had also kicked around the CMSB (Counter-Missionary Study Bible), but the reality is that it is […]

What would be the Best Bible Translation?

As we saw in the previous post, “What is the Best Bible Translation?”, there is no useful English translation for the Noachide, and there is certainly nothing designed for counter-missionary work. But what would be the best bible translation? Something you can trust theologically, for one. Something that reads well — similar to the KJV, […]