A conclusion over poetry blocks

It appears (finally) there are two different kinds of quote blocks used by the RSV and other bibles, as exemplified by Genesis 48 and 49. In Genesis 48 there is a “quote block” in which wrap and newlines return to the original indent. Then, in Genesis 49 there appears to be a “poetry block” which is exactly the same except line wrap occurs in an indented fashion. The space between the blocks appears to be a matter of general formatting. Thus the whole shebang might be able to be simplified by the use of two different kinds of markup; a quote block and a poetry block. Blank lines between sections would be handled by using multiple blocks. And, both types of quote blocks would be placed in a “quote section” which itself is used just to have a single newline before the entire block of quotes if such a thing is required.

Yes, this can be exactly represented on a line-by-line basis by using tags like %% and ^^ at the beginning of a line to indicate quote block or poetry block; and newlines can be added (if they are to be rendered) using other tags. Some examples;


%%quote block line\\this is wrapped to the original indent

^^poetry block line\\this is wrapped to tab 2 (indented wrt the start of the line)

It looks a little messy in dokuwiki. What if we used <quoteblock> instead, and used newlines like \\ to show a poetry indent? This way simply a newline would be wrapped to the original indent, and \\ lines would be indented in the reader. This seems to work best but as it turns out there is a poem plugin for dokuwiki — this would let us have more control over formatting quotes and it also allows us to preserve line breaks.

Now let’s put on the clown hats

It actually appears that manually formatting with line breaks and 2 and 4 space indents looks reasonable in dokuwiki (and would easily be able to be recognized by a reader). It is also the simplest solution. Until further notice we will just use this way.

It also appears as if we can modify the formatting of this behavior in the style.css file of dokuwiki, either manually or in a plugin. This would allow us perfect formatting inside Dokuwiki.

So then, the simplest solution appears to be the best solution?

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