Presenting the NSV Bible

Now presenting, the NSV. Forget, for a moment, what that might stand for; originally I had thought to call it the NSB (Noachide Study Bible) and then later other ideas such as NSV (Noachide Study Version) came to mind. I had also kicked around the CMSB (Counter-Missionary Study Bible), but the reality is that it is just a bible translation and it should have a plain name, unconnected to any particular religious movement. Is it a bible intended for Noachides? Yes, but this is a tricky proposition to push since it depends on a certain reading of Genesis 8, 9 and 10– one which is at once self-evident, but also finds itself at odds with mainstream Christianity because it is never taught in Churches or Sunday School.

Therefore this bible should not be called the NSV, nor the NSB (which is what it is probably best intended to be), but some neutral name. At this point, I have no idea what to call it, but will think deeply on this into the future.

Genesis Phase 1

Phase 1 of Genesis is largely complete, and work on a HTML web app has begun, and is moving quite quickly. The work which remains on Phase One is to compare the text versus the DRA and other Public Domain translations (KJV will also be given special consideration) and then perform a final theological consistency pass. During this time the framework of a commentary will be prepared, although a full commentary and revision is really the work of a Phase 2.

Although you can view the text online now at I would recommend waiting for the version to appear on — after the website version gathers enough steam I plan to close the wiki version and just use it for private notes.

Why is this important? I would ask, What are you looking for in a Bible? It’s hard to find a ‘good bible’ let alone a ‘great bible’. It’s more than a translation, it’s the study notes as well. Comments welcome!

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