The Failure of Datapages

Datapages seemed like such a good idea, but they failed. And I don’t know why.

They work — unless they don’t.

Most of the time, they work fine. But then suddenly, for unknown reasons, they don’t work. The PHP won’t load. Or the javascript won’t work.

I know it’s my fault, somewhere — but I’ve found all the obvious bugs, escaped all the obvious outputs, and yes, I’ve viewed the source. I don’t see it.

Why not MariaDB?

In the end I know the truth.

I have to use a standardized database. This is what I had going originally, actually, but I chickened out.

The fact is, with a decent reader I do not need a DokuWiki version. I’m just scared because I like DokuWiki so much and it makes the text feel closer to me. Safer.

But the fact is, DataPages don’t work. The read and process interface is incredibly clunky. The Database way is just better. Faster. Stronger.

I’ll do a side-by-side editor that edits the database version but pulls up the DokuWiki version (as we can) in a little box. Or maybe do a cut and paste importer with the same read scripts alongside a verse editor?

Or somehow reconstruct each verse into a document (like it is on DokuWiki) and read it back to process it?

I suppose I could have various kinds of ‘smart editor’. I just dont like to lose that free feeling I had with DokuWiki.

Maybe I’ll give DataPages one more chance. Debug the PHP somehow. But then, it’s off to the races.

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