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Noachide FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What's a Noachide?

bna'i Noach – sons of Noah. I.E. all living human beings. See: Noachide and Who We Are.

Did the Rabbis make this up or what? I don't see this in scripture at all.

No, there is scriptural support for this. Please see Noachide and The Seven laws of Noah.

Some videos you might like:

The video above is a great informative watch even if you didn't have this question.

Are Noah's laws still valid?

Yes, it was an eternal covenant between God and Noah's descendants. Genesis 8:21-22, Genesis 9:9, Genesis 9:12, Genesis 9:15. For more information, check out these interesting articles:

Why don't you just believe in Jesus and be Saved?

We don't believe we need to do that. See: The Noachide Case Against Christianity. You may also be interested in An Indictment of Christianity.

If you don't have Jesus, and you don't perform animal sacrifices, how do you get forgiven for your sins?

Please see Sin and Atonement.

So what do you think of Christians anyway?

We love everyone. However, we don't always agree. You might find these testimonies interesting:

Why don't you just convert to Judaism?

Why not! That's an excellent question. Maybe I don't want to. Maybe I just can't give up those tasty shrimps. The point is that there is no particular reason to convert to Judaism. God's plan for Noah was not the Torah. It was the seven Noachide laws. There is however, the general idea that from Abraham to Noah there was a general failure for the Noachide laws to take hold in world human culture. In that sense Abraham can be seen as (and in fact certainly was) the beginning of a new covenant, and a new people, which culminated with the formation of Israel at Sinai.

So hey if you want to convert go right ahead, but no one is forcing you (not even God). If you are interested though, see the next question, “What if I just want to be Jewish anyways though?”

What if I want to be Jewish?

Sure, you can do that if you really want to. See: Conversion for resources on conversion to Judaism.

So what do Jews think of Noachides?

No one knows what any particular person thinks, but you might find these videos interesting. You will see there is a huge variation.

What are the Noachide laws and what is your scriptural support?

Scriptural support is often requested because the person asking isn't aware that the laws are listed plainly in Genesis 8 and 9, and also referenced throughout the bible. Please see The Seven Laws of Noah for information on this question.

Should I become a Noachide?

You already are! See: Who We Are.

But Why? Why be a Noachide?

Because you already are. Please see “Why Noachide?”

You might be interested in Conversion Testimonies. But in general, we are not here to convert anyone, only to provide information.

But Why is it important to be a Noachide?

Can Noachides hold Shabbos?

No. Warning, this is a very important topic to understand for Noachides! Please do watch these videos.

How Do I tell my Friends and Family?

How do you know all of this is true?

Tell me some original Noachide jokes.

I don't know if these all qualify as “Noachide” jokes, but at least they're originals.


Q: Why aren't Jews allowed to eat Pork?
A: Because of the sin of Ham.


A man dies and goes to heaven. He is greeted by Joseph Smith, who hands him a small harp and welcomes him inside the gate. The man remarks – Mormons, who knew? And Joseph Smith says No no, this is my punishment. I'm not allowed in.
The next guy steps up. “Welcome to heaven, here's your harp….”

Are Noachides allowed to Pray?

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